Openday at Linkbynet and the LUG meetup.

Last Saturday I went to the openday at Linkbynet accompanied by Neha and Pawan. The openday was held at Orbis Court,Quatre-Bornes. We reached there at around 9:00 a.m and after reaching, we hurried up to the second floor.There,at the door,we were welcomed by two staffs of Linkbynet and then they took us inside where we assisted a presentation made by Mr Kaviraj. That presentation was really nice and interesting since we learnt lots of things about Linkbynet. For Instance,Renault,Nissan,Michelin are among the big companies which Linkbynet deals with.They are its clients.What we also Learnt is that the company provides a 7/7 and 24/24 hours service.The parent company of Linkbynet  is found in Paris,France and it has its branch in Canada,Mauritius and it will soon have another branch in China as well.


Following that presentation was a visit around the organisation. We were directed to the 7th  floor of the Building by Mr Kamal and his friend-staffs of Linkbynet-to visit the company.I was really happy as it was for the first time that I was visiting a company like Linkbynet. 😀 .It was indeed a great pleasure. While visiting the staffs were telling us about the company,about how the other staffs perform their works and what are actually its functions and all.After the visit another staff,Aurelie talked to us and we left our cv with her.

At around 11 a.m we left Orbis Court and we made our way to the PR school of Management and Education where the LUG meetup was going to be held.We had some difficulties in finding it since we are not so acquainted to the region of Quatre-Bornes. But even though we could find it and we reached there on time. Pawan, Neha and I were among the first persons who were there.Then while waiting for Ish, Abdallah Yashir came and he made his introduction to us. He came to the meetup for the second time that’s why we didn’t know him.After waiting for a while,Ish came in accompanied by Natasha and Avinash and then afterwards, Avinash Mayaram, Kurtish, Nitin Bachraz-Ish’s manager-, Nitin Mutkowoa and Hasvin joined in.

We had a nice time during the meetup hearing Ish talking about the Cinnamon which he finally succeeded to install on his laptop and Kurtish even did a small presentation about what he has learned on linux till now.
To sum up,we had a great day as we got to learn lots of things and I’m damn sure that the coming Saturday as well will be similar or even better since we’ll certainly get to learn more about linux and other stuffs. 😉