Yemen (26.03.16)

Last Saturday, 26.03.16, My cousins and I went for a long drive along the south and south-west of Mauritius. It was after years that we got to organize a small trip among cousins since nowadays everyone is so busy in his/her own small world. So, we thought of why not planning things which will help us spend more time with each other more frequently  as this will consequently,  strengthen the bond/relationship among cousins. While doing the long drive , we visited Plaine Champagne, Bassin-Blanc , Chemin-Grenier, Le Morne, Baie du cap, La Gaulette, Riviere Noire, Tamarin and also a place named Yemen. 😀


Yemen Estate found in the Black- River district of the country was very interesting. It was a really isolated and desert place. When we reached there, I got the impression that I was in some part of Africa, mainly in a desert as there were no houses and no one to be seen in the surrounding. There were only beautiful mountain ranges and several hectares of lands with rivers and an old bridge. Moreover, what mostly drew my attention was the two houses which I could see  very far ,on top of one part of the mountain. It was indeed a panoramic view.


During this trip, what mostly amazed me was the Yemen Estate, it was for the very first time that I went there and got the opportunity to discover one more beautiful part of Mauritius.. 🙂



The Linux festival 2013 which was held in November 2013 was the first Linux festival to which I have attended. It was an awesome event and I was very fortunate to have been there and to participate. It was indeed a very great pleasure for me.. 😀 The festival was held in the auditorium of the University Of Mauritius at Reduit. There, most members of the LUGM  were present. There were presentations which were being done on different topics. Ish Sookun, Selven Eldergod, Nirvan Pagooah, Nadim Attari and Nitin J Mutkawoa did presentations on different subjects. For instance, Ish Sookun did the presentation on OpenSUSE and Nitin did a presentation on Kalilinux. All of those presentations were fantastic and they were really much appreciated by the audience who were most of them University students.

Along with Neha Gunnoo, Pawan Babooram and a few other members of the computer club,I was at the backstage doing some commentaries and presenting the event. It was a great experience.


The event lasted for around 3hours.2hours  was for the presentations and the next one hour was for the demonstrations which were being held in the lobby by Ish Sookun and Ajay Ramjuttun. There were computers available in the lobby where Ish was showing the UOM students how to install Linux on their personal computers at home and about the benefits of using Linux. They even brought their pen-drives in which they saved the softwares which Ish gave them.

The fun part of that event was that we had Yannick, one of LUGM members who disguised himself in a penguin as we all know that penguins represents Linux so we decided upon bringing such a masquotte to the festival to make more interesting.. 😀
It was a great experience to participate in the Linux festival 2013 and now we are all looking forward to the Linux festival 2014 and we will aim higher this time by making the festival more interesting and by acquiring  more people in the audience…

The Infotech (23.11.13)

The 23th of November was indeed a great one spent at the Infotech which was held at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre,Pailles. 😀


   The LUGM was invited by the National Computer Board and offered a stall to represent openSUSE. At around 11 a.m,our group was already at the SVICC on that day .Along with the members of the group,Neha,Ish,Ajay Ramjuttun,Kishan Bhugul,Nitin Mutkawoa,Jhingut Prithvi,I was representing openSUSE and I even talked to the public about how to use openSUSE as an alternative to Microsoft Windows-about the advantages openSUSE has ,that is it is free and does not get any type of viruses on it,only to mention a few.ImageAfter the presentation ,Pawan,Neha and I went to stroll around to take a look at the different stalls. We could see ICT exhibitions, ICT Job Fair which was held to support the recruitment process of local companies from the ICT-BPO sector, the SME Corner to sensitise the public and SMEs on the benefits of adopting ICT applications, including open source, the Green IT practices whereby four British companies showcased innovative products such as Low energy/low carbon PCs, Liquid Cooled Servers and Wireless Energy Management Systems,the Smart Home Corner to showcase ‘intelligent’ home products and appliance,the Career Guidance Corner which was aiming to sensitise secondary school students, school leavers and job seekers on career opportunities and prospects in the ICT-BPO sector,there were even the Shopping and Delivery Zone,the Gaming Zone.There were live demonstrations of the products as well. All were really interesting. 😀
After some hours spent at SVICC, Neha and I left but the other members stayed at the centre till around 8:30p.m for further presentations. Nitin Mutkawoa dropped us at the bus-stop of Pailles in his car where Neha and I got the bus to return home.
It was for the first time that I participated in the Infotech and it was really interesting,I really enjoyed and now I’m looking forward to the Infotech 2014 and hope that the National Computer Board will invite us again for another amazing presentation and I’m damn sure that we will have lots of more interesting stuffs to present to the public by next year. 😉

Openday at Linkbynet and the LUG meetup.

Last Saturday I went to the openday at Linkbynet accompanied by Neha and Pawan. The openday was held at Orbis Court,Quatre-Bornes. We reached there at around 9:00 a.m and after reaching, we hurried up to the second floor.There,at the door,we were welcomed by two staffs of Linkbynet and then they took us inside where we assisted a presentation made by Mr Kaviraj. That presentation was really nice and interesting since we learnt lots of things about Linkbynet. For Instance,Renault,Nissan,Michelin are among the big companies which Linkbynet deals with.They are its clients.What we also Learnt is that the company provides a 7/7 and 24/24 hours service.The parent company of Linkbynet  is found in Paris,France and it has its branch in Canada,Mauritius and it will soon have another branch in China as well.


Following that presentation was a visit around the organisation. We were directed to the 7th  floor of the Building by Mr Kamal and his friend-staffs of Linkbynet-to visit the company.I was really happy as it was for the first time that I was visiting a company like Linkbynet. 😀 .It was indeed a great pleasure. While visiting the staffs were telling us about the company,about how the other staffs perform their works and what are actually its functions and all.After the visit another staff,Aurelie talked to us and we left our cv with her.

At around 11 a.m we left Orbis Court and we made our way to the PR school of Management and Education where the LUG meetup was going to be held.We had some difficulties in finding it since we are not so acquainted to the region of Quatre-Bornes. But even though we could find it and we reached there on time. Pawan, Neha and I were among the first persons who were there.Then while waiting for Ish, Abdallah Yashir came and he made his introduction to us. He came to the meetup for the second time that’s why we didn’t know him.After waiting for a while,Ish came in accompanied by Natasha and Avinash and then afterwards, Avinash Mayaram, Kurtish, Nitin Bachraz-Ish’s manager-, Nitin Mutkowoa and Hasvin joined in.

We had a nice time during the meetup hearing Ish talking about the Cinnamon which he finally succeeded to install on his laptop and Kurtish even did a small presentation about what he has learned on linux till now.
To sum up,we had a great day as we got to learn lots of things and I’m damn sure that the coming Saturday as well will be similar or even better since we’ll certainly get to learn more about linux and other stuffs. 😉

Hello World!

Hello. 😀  I ‘m Darshini Seeburn,student at the university of Mauritius and I’m currently following the course of BSc(Hons) Management(minor Business Informatics).Besides my studies,I like spending my free time on social networks,playing with codes on HTML,PHP & CSS and now I’m going spend time with my blog as well since I’ve just created one and it’s  after getting inspired by some of the geeks at LUGM who already have their blogs that I’ve decided to have one of my own where I’m going to share stuffs about my university life.

Apart from University life,I’m also going to share things about the LUGM meetup as I recently joined that group and that’s where I discovered linux. Before ,I didn’t really  know what linux was all about but it’s just after joining LUGM and meeting Ish that my friend Neha and I, became interested in knowing Linux more.
And after knowing linux,we were even more delighted to know that its logo is a penguin which is really cute and funny looking.Moreover, it even has that Charlie Chaplin walk and what’s fascinating is that  penguins’ characteristics as an animal do fit Linux.

And here it is,my first post on my newly created blog. 😀