Yemen (26.03.16)

Last Saturday, 26.03.16, My cousins and I went for a long drive along the south and south-west of Mauritius. It was after years that we got to organize a small trip among cousins since nowadays everyone is so busy in his/her own small world. So, we thought of why not planning things which will help us spend more time with each other more frequently  as this will consequently,  strengthen the bond/relationship among cousins. While doing the long drive , we visited Plaine Champagne, Bassin-Blanc , Chemin-Grenier, Le Morne, Baie du cap, La Gaulette, Riviere Noire, Tamarin and also a place named Yemen. 😀


Yemen Estate found in the Black- River district of the country was very interesting. It was a really isolated and desert place. When we reached there, I got the impression that I was in some part of Africa, mainly in a desert as there were no houses and no one to be seen in the surrounding. There were only beautiful mountain ranges and several hectares of lands with rivers and an old bridge. Moreover, what mostly drew my attention was the two houses which I could see  very far ,on top of one part of the mountain. It was indeed a panoramic view.


During this trip, what mostly amazed me was the Yemen Estate, it was for the very first time that I went there and got the opportunity to discover one more beautiful part of Mauritius.. 🙂


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