The Linux festival 2013 which was held in November 2013 was the first Linux festival to which I have attended. It was an awesome event and I was very fortunate to have been there and to participate. It was indeed a very great pleasure for me.. 😀 The festival was held in the auditorium of the University Of Mauritius at Reduit. There, most members of the LUGM  were present. There were presentations which were being done on different topics. Ish Sookun, Selven Eldergod, Nirvan Pagooah, Nadim Attari and Nitin J Mutkawoa did presentations on different subjects. For instance, Ish Sookun did the presentation on OpenSUSE and Nitin did a presentation on Kalilinux. All of those presentations were fantastic and they were really much appreciated by the audience who were most of them University students.

Along with Neha Gunnoo, Pawan Babooram and a few other members of the computer club,I was at the backstage doing some commentaries and presenting the event. It was a great experience.


The event lasted for around 3hours.2hours  was for the presentations and the next one hour was for the demonstrations which were being held in the lobby by Ish Sookun and Ajay Ramjuttun. There were computers available in the lobby where Ish was showing the UOM students how to install Linux on their personal computers at home and about the benefits of using Linux. They even brought their pen-drives in which they saved the softwares which Ish gave them.

The fun part of that event was that we had Yannick, one of LUGM members who disguised himself in a penguin as we all know that penguins represents Linux so we decided upon bringing such a masquotte to the festival to make more interesting.. 😀
It was a great experience to participate in the Linux festival 2013 and now we are all looking forward to the Linux festival 2014 and we will aim higher this time by making the festival more interesting and by acquiring  more people in the audience…


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