The Infotech (23.11.13)

The 23th of November was indeed a great one spent at the Infotech which was held at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre,Pailles. 😀


   The LUGM was invited by the National Computer Board and offered a stall to represent openSUSE. At around 11 a.m,our group was already at the SVICC on that day .Along with the members of the group,Neha,Ish,Ajay Ramjuttun,Kishan Bhugul,Nitin Mutkawoa,Jhingut Prithvi,I was representing openSUSE and I even talked to the public about how to use openSUSE as an alternative to Microsoft Windows-about the advantages openSUSE has ,that is it is free and does not get any type of viruses on it,only to mention a few.ImageAfter the presentation ,Pawan,Neha and I went to stroll around to take a look at the different stalls. We could see ICT exhibitions, ICT Job Fair which was held to support the recruitment process of local companies from the ICT-BPO sector, the SME Corner to sensitise the public and SMEs on the benefits of adopting ICT applications, including open source, the Green IT practices whereby four British companies showcased innovative products such as Low energy/low carbon PCs, Liquid Cooled Servers and Wireless Energy Management Systems,the Smart Home Corner to showcase ‘intelligent’ home products and appliance,the Career Guidance Corner which was aiming to sensitise secondary school students, school leavers and job seekers on career opportunities and prospects in the ICT-BPO sector,there were even the Shopping and Delivery Zone,the Gaming Zone.There were live demonstrations of the products as well. All were really interesting. 😀
After some hours spent at SVICC, Neha and I left but the other members stayed at the centre till around 8:30p.m for further presentations. Nitin Mutkawoa dropped us at the bus-stop of Pailles in his car where Neha and I got the bus to return home.
It was for the first time that I participated in the Infotech and it was really interesting,I really enjoyed and now I’m looking forward to the Infotech 2014 and hope that the National Computer Board will invite us again for another amazing presentation and I’m damn sure that we will have lots of more interesting stuffs to present to the public by next year. 😉


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