Hello World!

Hello. 😀  I ‘m Darshini Seeburn,student at the university of Mauritius and I’m currently following the course of BSc(Hons) Management(minor Business Informatics).Besides my studies,I like spending my free time on social networks,playing with codes on HTML,PHP & CSS and now I’m going spend time with my blog as well since I’ve just created one and it’s  after getting inspired by some of the geeks at LUGM who already have their blogs that I’ve decided to have one of my own where I’m going to share stuffs about my university life.

Apart from University life,I’m also going to share things about the LUGM meetup as I recently joined that group and that’s where I discovered linux. Before ,I didn’t really  know what linux was all about but it’s just after joining LUGM and meeting Ish that my friend Neha and I, became interested in knowing Linux more.
And after knowing linux,we were even more delighted to know that its logo is a penguin which is really cute and funny looking.Moreover, it even has that Charlie Chaplin walk and what’s fascinating is that  penguins’ characteristics as an animal do fit Linux.

And here it is,my first post on my newly created blog. 😀


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